Gateway Terminals Rail

Mission Statement

Gateway Terminals is a multi-modal facility focused on providing customers with safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation solutions for the rapid delivery of petroleum products to key markets on the U.S. Inland River Waterway System.

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Gateway Terminals is one of the most efficient terminals for the transfer of petroleum products. The facility is located adjacent to two major switching yards in the St. Louis Metro Area: the Alton & Southern Railway Company (ALS), the facility's major provider, and the Terminal Railroad Association (TRRA). Both switching yards serve all Class 1 railroads.

Gateway is approved for unit train service, based on the Roadmaster's review and approval of the industry rail layout and connection track. Gateway's operating and interchange plans are compliant with BNSF (Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company), UP (Union Pacific), NS (Norfolk Southern), KCS (Kansas City Southern), CP (Canadian Pacific), and CN (Canadian Northern) railroads.